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Escrow Software & Solutions.

Escrow Software & Solutions

Issuers – looking to open escrow so you can start raising money? Click here to set up escrow right now!

Escrow Custodians – looking to manage multiple offerings with large lists of investors? Escrow for "crowd-direct" offerings is easy with our software. Now banks, trust companies, law firms and other escrow agents can manage escrows with 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or more people participating. We enable compliance with regulations while keeping costs under control.

Offering Setup:

  • Review & approve escrow agreements
  • Bad actor checks and issuer KYC
  • PPM/offering doc’s uploaded for review
  • Named or numbered escrow accounts
  • Escrow fees billed via ACH (on issuer)

Offering Management:

  • Create admin’s, manage permissions
  • All admin activities recorded, timestamped and retained
  • Customize funds-hold (clearing) settings
  • Manage multiple bank depositories
  • Easy escrow account reconciliations
  • Post cash received (with investor & issuer auto-alerts)
  • NACHA file generation
  • Process refunds (one-click)
  • Detailed reports.
  • Permanent retention of all documents and data
  • Easy funds exception handling

Offering Close (@fail):

  • Easily refund a crowd of investors
  • Automated email investor alerts

Offering Close (@success):

  • Disbursements to issuer (requested by issuer)
  • Disbursements to brokers and appropriate third-parties
  • Collection of final escrow fees
  • Continued funds management through end of hold & reserve policies
  • Manage ongoing offering with multiple closings (post-minimum)